Resto Druid Mythic Dungeons

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
― Arthur Pendragon, The Trials of Arthur

Resto Druid Mythic Dungeons

Healing Mythic Dungeons are fun, rewarding and a challenge. Many of your style choices will depend on your group composition.

Here is my set up which has proven successful to me.


  • Wild Charge (for the trick in Skyreach)
  • Ysera’s Gift
  • Mass Entanglement
  • Incarnation: Tree of Life
  • Ursol’s Vortex
  • Heart of the Wild
  • Germination

Mass Entanglement is used for adds like the second boss in Blood Maul Slag Mines. Snag them before they get near the boss and they’ll sit there!

Ursol’s Vortex is used a lot. On most group pulls by the tank; the birds in Skyreach comes to mind.

Heart of the Wild is critical. Most boss fights don’t have much happening in the first 15 seconds so using this talent and spamming Wrath helps the dps push hard early in the fight. Or, if you know damage is going to be rough (second boss in Skyreach, for example), pairing Heart of the Wild with Tranquility and or Incarnation is very powerful.

Incarnation is typically for that big boost when things get hairy and scary. With time, you’ll know when that it but having it will make you the Hero of mythic dungeons. A Druid can heal on the run with Incarnation!

The Skyreach Trick
As a Druid, you will need Wild Charge and the Glyph of the Stag (minor). A hunter (in camo) will “send pet” to the platform of the first boss; just a little to the right when facing it from where you landed. Use Wild Charge to get to the pet, go stag and jump on the other side of the fence. Let your team jump on your back and dismount. Then you’ll face that last easy set of mobs before going up the stairs.

Declare Your Intentions
This is a matter of philosophy but I don’t think that because we are healers that we have to set back and simply watch the show. Use your Root to settle a non-caster and let the tank pull the caster. Mark the healing mobs. Drop your mushroom where you want the ranged to stack or the mobs to be pulled. Use Ursol’s Vortex where appropriate.

You don’t need or want to dominate the group, you are a healer: nurture your team mates to play successfully.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Smuggler from your garrison ability in the Spires of Arak can give you a nice buff for the Skyreach run.
  • The final boss in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds can drop the best staff for you. If you want to use a bonus roll; that’s the place. Hope for the 725!
  • Have a stack of Drums of Fury.
  • If you raid a lot (like me) change your mindset to dungeoning. Your cooldowns will be ready for most bosses.
  • Learn the “hard bosses” in each dungeon, each will have one typically. The third boss in Auchindon, the second boss in Skyreach and prepare your team to hit it hard and be ready to heal hard.
  • The Legendary Ring works in Mythic Dungeons as does your two and four piece tier set.
  • Buff foods, runes, mana pots. You know the way.
  • Look to get all five heirloom trinkets. The healing one is fairly useless; worth about 365 spirit if you used it all of the time.

Mythic Dungeons are fun for Resto Druid healers. Open your tool box and your talent tree and enjoy the depth of your class.


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