Resto Druid Skyreach

I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven.
Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886)

Resto Druid Skyreach

Visit my Resto Druid Mythic Dungeons page to see my list of Talents.

Skyreach is one of the more challenging and entertaining dungeons. Today, we are running it on Mythic and occasionally on Challenge.

Honest Jim
He is the ‘call to arms’ garrison ability in the Spires of Arak. He offers for sale different potions that will work in Skyreach. The potions stack, so there is no reason not have a nice stockpile of your favorites. The Ogreblood Potion gives a 20% boost to all damage and healing, that is my potion of choice. Others offer haste and resource reduction.

The Skyreach Trick
This was learned doing Challenge Modes. It lets you skip the first two sets of mobs.
Have a hunter go camo and use the “move to” command on their pet. Send it up to the platform of the First Boss. Just to the right of the column. You will use Wild Charge to leap to the pet and then Stag back down to the other side of the fence. Players (tank first please) will mount you and, by so doing, leap over the fence and skip the first two sets of mobs.

First Boss

  1. Go up to the top of the stairs. Stack with the ranged a little to the left (for example).
  2. When the tank pulls, the boss will cast a rotating wind fence on one of the ranged. Move to the right and re-stack for the next rotating wind fence.
  3. When the second wind fence arrives, move over to the tank for the Big Rotating Four Winds Fence. Incarnation should get your through this part, just follow the tank near to the inside of the fence (watching those two fences you dropped on the far end).
  4. Once the big fence is done, move immediately to the outer circle for that fire beam. Move a step at a time to stay out of it but not spread it too far.
    That should do it for the First Boss.

Trash after First Boss

  1. Tank will pull the Raven down the stairs to the First Boss platform. Kill it!
  2. CC the Adept (we tend to go left side). Tank will pull the mobs down the stairs again for room to move — plenty of junk on the ground to avoid.
  3. Up the stairs to kill the Adept.
  4. Get that lone mob before the Second Boss.

Second Boss

  1. This is the tough boss, designed to test the Healer (you!).
  2. Hero on the pull.
  3. When the beams turn on, stand and interrupt the beam: Cast Heart of the Wild (Ironbark and Barkskin), heal hard.
  4. On the Burst, cast Tranquility (Heart of the Wild should still be up).
  5. The next set of beams, cast Incarnation. Stand and interrupt the beam; hopefully you can trade places with a dps but you can survive it.
  6. Dead Boss Two. Loot.

Trash after Second Boss (Third Boss Platform)

  1. Do the three sets of adds one-at-a-time.
  2. First set (the left set), the tank will pull up to the top of the stairs.
  3. Everyone stay stacked, do NOT panic on fixate!
  4. Use Ursol’s Vortex on the stacked mobs; encourage Binding Shot and other stuns.
  5. Second set (the right set) can be done down on the platform, same strategy.
  6. Third set is a piece of cake. Ursol’s Vortex and cast Hurricane to help the dps.

Third Boss

  1. We will ignore the adds and kite them. We will focus dps on the boss and burn that bird down!
  2. You, as healer, want those fixated adds. Let the dps drop aggro on the adds (feign death, for example) so the adds switch to you.
  3. Go behind the pillar for Quills. Draw a small rectangle path behind the pillar to keep kiting your adds. If you are over-whelmed, cast Barkskin and venture into the last seconds of Quills.
  4. Dead Boss. Loot.

Trash after Third Boss

  1. Stampeding Roar to help those poor dps up the windy stairs.
  2. Dash to finish it off and gloat.
  3. Heal them as they stagger up to join the group.
  4. CC the adept and others, pull one at a time.
  5. The tank will deal with the Raven in the doorway for controlled knock-back.
  6. Rinse and Repeat on the next set of adds, you know the drill now.
  7. Final set of adds, Ursol’s Vortex and Hurricane.

Last Boss

  1. Hero, pull, kill. Heart of the Wild and spam Wrath to start the fight.
  2. The player to be picked up by a bird will get a quick glowy ball around them. They should move to the stack point.
  3. Drag the fire to the side, nice and easy.
  4. Help if dps get picked up by birds.
  5. Dead Boss. Loot.

Skyreach is one of my favorites. A methodical work through of this dungeon is satisfying and a fine test for your toolbox as a Resto-Druid.


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