WoW Garrison Management

“Wealth is largely the result of habit.”
John Jacob Astor

WoW Garrison Management

Or How to Turn Your Garrison into a Factory

I was listening to Hearthcast and Rewt made a brief comment on how he can’t imagine how players have so many alts in Garrisons. And then he mentioned the herb garden and mining.
Nope! Set yourself up right and you’ll never mine again (or herb or skin or fish).

No one really knew what the Garrisons would be when WoD arrived. I spent plenty of time worrying and trying to get a perfect follower team. I mined and herbed daily. I leveled some Alts, just because I had them.
No longer.

Today I have well over one million gold and headed to two million. I have hexweave bags (I give them away) set aside for the future. All my crafters have made my crafted gear. On and on.
I have ten characters at level 100, some of them are only there for the gold and resources. I’ve three more characters on my merged server now too.

Why Write About It Now?
For Rewt.
And if we are to be in this expansion for another six months (at least), you might want to level up some Alts and make a factory.

Your Base of Operations
You need:

  • Garrison level 3
  • Bunker 3 (until all of your followers are ‘geared’)
  • Barracks 3 for 25 followers
  • Trading Post
  • Inn 3 for lucrative missions and to cherry-pick followers with traits

Followers Do The Dirty Work
Of your 25; you want, at minimum three followers with Scavenger and ten followers with Treasure Hunter, the more the merrier.
Resolve to slowly trade out your followers with the traits you need (just those two). All of my later Alts have a lot more than the minimum.
You CAN use garrison resources for the retraining via Sgt. Crowley (is that right?) but I never did it.

What You Do
Log in the morning and flip through your main and alts. Gold and Garrison Resources are your interest; Apexis is fine if you want that. Primal Spirits too. It takes under 15 minutes to flip through all my Main and Alts.
Flip through your Alts and re-do your followers before you log out.
Once your newer followers hit exalted, they no longer need XP and so fewer missions and the Garrison Resources begin to add up.

Use Altoholic Addon via Curse
You can mouse over the Garrison Resources on the currency tab of your character and see which Alt has a high amount. Same with the Sorcerous and Primal Spirits if you are crafting something.

As an Alt nears 10,000 Garrison Resources; go to the Trading Post and buy stacks of anything you need. The more Alts (with Scavenger) the more you’ll make.

That Is It
I have three tailors. I buy them Fur from the Trading Post for the daily cooldown. My alchemist does the profession daily too. It’s a factory!

Expand Your Operations
Plenty of Alts!
Many players have alts with 10 followers with Scavenger and sell Draenic Dust on the AH. One guy I know has 10 with Scavenger, 10 with Treasure Hunter and 5 with Epic Mount — on all of his Alts!
Your JC can have a follower in his hut for 250g a day, there is no reason not to have several Alts with JC, just for the daily.
I don’t expand because I want to get out and play the game (like Freckleface) outside of my garrison! I don’t do AH at all.

I’m Serious
Fifteen minutes when I log in, fifteen minutes when I log out. Rolling in gold and materials. Build it up and get it rolling. I swear it takes longer to swap and the loading screen than to assign the followers.

Wait, There’s More
My Alchemist supplies my guild’s raid tab with all of the potions and flasks. One Alt might buy three full stacks of Fireweed, another Talador Orchids and I don’t spend a penny.
On occasion, I drop 20,000g in the Guild Bank.
I’ve bought the Alliance Chopper and some BMAH mounts.
One guildie has made over 5 million gold!

If you pre-ordered Legion. Use it now and get that Alt working for you.

The Shipyard
I have five characters with the Shipyard and the Oil Rig. It is part of my Alt Cycling too with the intention of gold and the Sorcerous materials.
It’s a haul to get Revered with the Prophet, I got super lucky with the Grumpus runs and the rep medallions.
Set it up. You can delist a ship and make another until you have the Dwarven Crew (increased gold!).
I learned a trick from Rewt on Hearthcast, use the fishing nets! I put the Tuskaar Fishing Nets on my submarines (so I’d remember which) and send them on the 100% Oil mission most every day.

Hidden Perks
I didn’t realize it but having Alts is great for holidays. I ran five through Grumpus every day for the Savage Gifts (I sent all the turn-ins to one character that needed the oil). I’ll run my main and alts thru holiday bosses if I need a rare drop. I am loaded on felblight so I don’t do Kazz anymore, too many alts and it took too much time.

The Garrison does not have to take much time at all. Once the Factory is set up, you’ll have mats for professions, primal spirits and … gold!
I think I’ll keep leveling Alts (super casual, of course) and fold them in to the machine over the next six months while we wait for Legion.
Remember: it takes three days for a full set of work-orders to be filled. Don’t be leaving your mission table, flip to the next alt.
My main intention was and is to make gold — all the other stuff is simply a perk.

Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “WoW Garrison Management

  1. Nice review of the Garrison. This is pretty much what I’m aiming to do, but I’m still with 4 alts only and low on followers. In a couple of months I’ll be farming a bunch of gold.


  2. Do you think this is the time to make gold from Garrisons? Will we be able to flip through these same alts during Legion?

    I found a free follower on the Alliance side while visiting Stormshield. His name is Fao Cho (I think) and he is next to the Townhall (up the hill from the auction house). Just have to click him and bam he is yours.

    I have purchased the trait retraining certificates from St. Crowley when I have way more garrison resources than I know what to do with. I was anxious when I first used them, now it’s fun and feels a little bit like gambling.


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