Valor Point Upgrades

“Discretion is the better part of valor.”
William Shakespeare

Valor Point Upgrades

Editor’s Note: I enjoy upgrading my Legendary Ring with Valor Points!

High Maul LFR
Wing One 75 Valor Points
Wing Two 75 Valor Points
Wing Three 75 Valor Points
Total: 225 Valor Points
Black Rock Foundry LFR
Wing One 75 Valor Points
Wing Two 75 Valor Points
Wing Three 75 Valor Points
Wing Four 75 Valor Points
Total: 300 Valor Points
Hell Fire Citadel LFR
Wing One 150 Valor Points
Wing Two 150 Valor Points
Wing Three 150 Valor Points
Wing Four 150 Valor Points
Wing Five 150 Valor Points
Total: 750 Valor Points
Mythic Dungeons
Auchindoun 300 VP
BloodMaul Slag Mines 300 VP
Grimrail Depot 300 VP
Iron Docks 300 VP
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds 300 VP
Skyreach 300 VP
The Everbloom 300 VP
Upper BRS 300 VP
Total: 2400 Valor Points
Heroic Dungeon Daily 100 Valor Points
Total: 700 Valor Points
Weekly Bonus Event (except Pet Bonus) 500 Valor Points
Total: 500 Valor Points
Grand Total Possible: 4875 Valor Points
Divided by 1250: 3.9 Legendary Ring Upgrades Per Week

Each mythic dungeon takes 30 minutes to run, not counting building a team and travel.

The Legendary Ring is beginning to look a little like a “bait and switch” tactic. We are lured by the huge boost every two minutes and the proc. I have only looked at the stats a couple of times when I’ve upgraded but I’m beginning to think the through-put from the high stats will trump the proc!

Imagine your 735 ring with four sockets. Or more!

The above chart describes potential in that few (certainly not me) will do all of those VP runs every single week. I’d like to play, not grind. I’d also like to get gear to upgrade!

So Why Do Which and When?

  • LFR Raids
    • If you are doing the raids, start on Tuesday for the hardcores doing the same as you: faster runs.
    • If you have lazy time, look at the raids for the Savage Satchel of Cooperation — it will give you 500g! And some baleful stuff which is nice too.
    • If you are doing the raids, cue for several at once so they are continuous.
  • Mythic Dungeons
    • Get yourself a tank, preferably your raid tank and be damned entertaining on Vent.
    • Research the drops in case you want to bonus roll for a (rare hoped for) 725. For my hunter, it’s the trinket from Oshir in Iron Docks, for my healer it is the staff from the last boss in Shadowmoon Valley Burial Grounds.
    • Be reasonable. I did six one night in a row, it was exhausting.
  • The heroic dungeon daily doesn’t suck.
    • I like to say “hi all” when we zone in.
    • I also say “cc or slaughter, your choice” to the tank.
    • As DPS, the cue is exactly 11 minutes.
    • Do the Iron Forge Explorers coin run for the heirloom upgrades.
    • If you want, the Inn should have daily quests.
  • The Weekly Bonus Event is often fun and you’ll be doing it anyways.

I won’t or can’t nor care to do the full run for Valor Point upgrades every week. I do want to so some tho.

I try to have 500 VP before we raid, in case I get a piece of gear. If I don’t score, it will roll over to my Legendary Ring.

The lazy watch-teevee LFR raid runs are numbing but I can be in ‘that’ zone, if you know what I mean. Mythic runs are a blast with friends, I like it a lot. The dungeon daily is done out of my sense of duty, sad to say.

Paid to play — the LFR raids offer gold to run them and you should loot as you go. Once again, Findrel’s Loot-a-Rang, for the win!

Archimonde: I think I read it would take 20 kills to get your ring upgraded. That is dedication! I’m glad we have the Valor Point option now. I had 14 Garrosh kills and I thought that was too many.

Have fun and take a nice walk today. Maybe see a movie.


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