Resto Druid Legion

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
Malcolm X

Blizzard Designers – What are they thinking?

Before Warlords of Draenor came out, I read up on Druid healing. Gone was my five minute mushroom with its big boy bloom. Mana would be an issue because they wanted it to be more “exciting’. I think even in their articles they put “exciting” in quotes, knowing that it was a con.

I’ve enjoyed healing in WoD. It never bothered me to run out of mana, I could still cast Rejuvenation. If we were to that point, we were hanging on our finger-tips as a team.

I love the design overhaul each expansion. It is like getting a new game within a familiar game.

A year from now, we’ll be wondering “what were they thinking?” I very much remember being pissed at the Oregorger fight because it was a Pac Man layout and theme. I felt it had no business in my fantasy game. Others were quick to say that they loved it, which is good, very good.

It is early in the Alpha for Legion. The game designer Celestalon posted Tank & Healer Ability Tuning. It forwards the philosophy of the future of healing, tanking and their synergy.

Tanks are pissed, lol. They have been extremely independent in WoD. I see it myself, I don’t worry too much about my raid tanks — they take care of themselves just fine.

But, the designers are right.

I miss my relationship with the tanks. In past expansions, they were “my tanks”. Or even one player might by “my tank”. I took ownership of their health and over time we’d get a rhythm for success in our playstyles.

I am very much interested in having meaningful spells. As a Resto Druid, I need to anticipate a lot: I hope they give me “oh no!” heals too.

It is a big project to keep working on. In MoP, the fights led up to huge damage points where we’d have to stack and plan and heal. That smoothed out in WoD. Next, the tanks will have to learn to take damage which means not huge spiky damage but even damage — I hope it doesn’t get too bland!

In a year from now, I’ll be grumpy and wondering what where they thinking? Or … I’ll be strong and powerful and healing as a champion of Azeroth.


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