Healing Archimonde

“Constant use had not worn ragged the fabric of their friendship.”
Dorothy Parker

Healing Archimonde

Killing Archimonde, the final boss of Warlords, reminded me again in a startling way that the flex model of raiding is flawed or mis-understood.

Players have touted 2/2/6 and 2/3/7 and 2/4/9 as raid compositions with zero reassurance from the game designers. It is frustrating.

There is no way to tell if your group is not performing or if one more or less dps would make the difference! The ironic dilemma of asking dps to leave really sucks. It is a nasty riddle.

Our kill last night happened after two of the dps left. You’d think that we would be short-handed (top dps) but the kill was done with much weaker players. How can that be right?

Phase One has a wonderful rhythm to it. On the pull, there is no damage coming out until the first Allure. Feel free to dps the boss for about fifteen seconds.

I am a Druid and managed Stampeding Roar for the group to run several times. Our other Druids didn’t mirror me but that is okay.

The healing Legendary Ring was triggered by me. I tried to start it about ten seconds before Allure. This way we’d be in the bonus with the proc somewhere in the transition.

I found myself calling the movement but I wasn’t super consistent. Run, spread, catch, stack, allure: rinse and repeat. The pillars are pure RNG and can really mess up a raid!

Phase Two, I found myself asking the other healers for their cooldowns since they were missing the boat. You can’t stand in the Circle of the Dogs because you’ll get Nature Locked and your precious three minute cooldown is wasted. Move right onto the back heel of Archimonde, that was my clear spot.

Phase Two was also the time I freely used my Heart of the Wild and Incarnation, almost back-to-back.

Phase Three is for the dps. I was completely out of mana and could stand still while the rest of the team when into the Void. It is a good fight in that in the end we felt like we were barely hanging on!

Healers need their big boy cooldowns for Phase Two, players are scattered and the damage is on everyone. Legendary Rings are awesome and should be used on cooldown beginning just before the second Allure.

We had a disc priest and two druids last night. Candidly, the other druid was drunk (so he said) and failed a lot but the Discipline Priest was marvelous! Our tanks are super good, for us it is the dps players who change with the tide every raid night.

As our Raid Leader says, “it is our culture.” We will play with who wants to come play with us. I endorse this completely, it is the motivation for joining a game: to play with friends.


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