Transmog in Legion WoW

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.”
Alexander McQueen

Transmog in Legion

Today’s date is January 25, 2016. There will be much written by bloggers on the new Wardrobe Feature in Legion.

It is a Starter Kit

  • When you log into WoW on Day One of the use of the Wardrobe Feature, you will see your quest items from past quests in the Wardrobe. Currently, I have 32 helms on my hunter (which isn’t very many or are they very fun).
  • You will add the items from your Void Storage, if both ‘bags’ are full, that will be 160 pieces.
  • The items you are wearing will be added.
  • You will cycle through your characters, just like you did for heirlooms in WoD, adding to the Wardrobe which is account wide. You will dig up those old characters at level 43 on other servers, you can count on it!
  • Any items designed for a level 40 character or lower which is mail, will become plate.
  • There will be a page for Tabards. I have three in my bags even though I have all the tabard achievements.
  • Much like the toys which require reputation, I think only the character that earned the Argent Tournament tabard (for example) will be able to equip it and use it.


  • We will able to layer old enchantment looks on top of our current enchants.
  • The very sexy and visible enchants will be popular — how it is activated, I don’t know. Can we save enchant looks in our wardrobe?
  • We will be able to name a transmog set and put it in our action bars.
  • We can swap transmog looks “on the fly” and instant, in any place.
  • Many old rules will still apply, we can not transmog over heirloom pieces. We can not transmog our legendary pieces on top of our mundane items.

Time Sink-a-rama

  • We players will begin to build up our wardrobe. Running old raids, finding gear, equipping and then selling the items.
  • Sales on the AH could sky-rockets for crafted pieces.
  • Smart players will begin to sell “sets” in trade channel; either sets like the mageweave set or compiled sets like a “hottie gold plate” set. Smarter players will begin today.

Hook Line and Sinker

  • You can only transfer a piece to the wardrobe if your character can equip it and make it soulbound. Tedious? You betcha.
  • You might create Alts with the sole goal of building a wardrobe: plate, mail, leather, cloth.

It is Showtime

  • Expect some very fancy outfits in Dalaran. Both Horde and Alliance can be in the new Dalaran.
  • Expect the big Fashion Debate — do we transmog over our Artifact weapons? We can do that, but do we want to show off our new weapon?

Planning Ahead

  • Some players are stock-piling Crates from the Salavage Yard with the intent of opening the crates and equiping/vendoring and sending to appropriate Alts. This method has not been confirmed yet!
  • Mats and more mats. Enchanting dusts, cloth, leather, ore will all be necessary.
  • Expect a huge outcry for the wide variety of mats needed to make old world stuff, those recipes were brutal by today’s standards.
  • Consider creating odd pieces now to keep in your Void Storage. Old engineering googles can be made now. You can’t farm non-quest items now except the ones to save in Void Storage.
  • Got Alts? Consider old raid runs and build that empty Void Storage.

The new Wardrobe Feature is as big as you want it to be. Think now about how you want to play next year. If you are planning on Tmogging, begin to lay the ground work now!


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