A Blog on the World of Warcraft

“Were there multiple gods creating multiple universes before the Big Bang and we just ended up on this one?”
Dr. Michael Kroth

A Blog on the World of Warcraft

Today I have visitors from the US, Finland, Portugal, German, Norway and the Philippines. Yesterday it was Serbia, China, Canada, Japan … the list goes on and on.

Visitors find my page by search engines. They are searching on how to Heal as a Druid, the Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Fun Macros, our Legendary Ring and (have mercy) Draenor Pet Brawler. Goofy and serious topics; they all get found.

What strikes me the most and the hardest is that people are looking for information. My pages are from the point of view of a casual player. I am no expert. Yet, players are trying to find answers.

There is so much we don’t know about “how to” in the World of Warcraft. Players are frustrated, searching and wanting to know — how to play the game.

I believe that the mega-sites like Icy Veins and Wowhead do a good job. I also believe that they are the Walmarts of our WoW community and have pushed out the bloggers and they come up short on giving us the information we need — because they rely on players to give them information.

We need passionate players to write. We need bloggers who will report on their findings, discoveries and solutions. Writers have been kicked to the back room by Youtube and instant sensation players who have no staying power.

There is a need. It is evident by my little blog.


4 thoughts on “A Blog on the World of Warcraft

  1. I agree. Both my main sources of information resides on:

    – Wowhead. This is the blockbuster store. Not only for it’s database, which is huge itself, but the comment sections on each entry. Usually there’s the most important information about the specific item/NPC/achievement/etc you’re looking for, and that’s great because it’s fueled by players (keeping the DB part to the site devs).
    – BlizzardWatch. This is your specialized shop. When I need more insight and deeper analysis on an specific topic, they’re the best. And it has the healthiest community I’ve ever seen in a MMO-related forum on the form of an article called “The Queue”.

    Beyond that, I agree that there is a bit of a space between the user (us) and the game, that should be filled with a more personal, more player-oriented, content, which in the comparision, would be the kwik-e-marts, the little shops from around the corner or even the farm market. The one you enter and say hello to the shop/site owner and his kids, you know their stories and they usually know yours.

    Since my main is a Hunter, I used to have this kind of relationship with the Warcraft Hunters Union, lead by Frostheim, but he’s retired for a while now, and the closest I can get from that is the nice blog from Bendak: Eyes of the Beast.


  2. Yeah, I was (and am) a fan of Frostheim and Big Red Kitty. Players do move on, excellent players who grow up, have other interests and for many reasons leave the game. I am finding little niches of blogs that are not well known, I like them.
    Yes, we need that neighborhood mechanic who will give advice for a six pack of beer and the Mom and Pop bookstore who love their work!


  3. While those sites are great for the the theory crafting, they ignore personal preferences. So we tend to look for folks that give more of a personal flavor to the information. People who say they “use x and y talents, because my playstyle…..” provide more information than the theory crafting sites that say “build xyz uses rotation abc, where as build uvw uses rotation def.” It doesn’t get into the “why?” of the build. Anecdotal information is also much easier to digest, and you get to know people from around the globe. Occassionally, you’ll see fellow guildies commenting on blogs too.

    Quick shout out to Mythriak.


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