MM Hunter Transition Raiding

To do a dull thing with style-now that’s what I call art.
Charles Bukowski

Marksman Hunter Transition Raiding

Our raid team is in transition. We are still downing Archimonde on Normal and about halfway through the second floor on Heroic.

I’ve followed some blogs and am addicted to Azortharion’s Ask For Questions. This has changed my play-style quite a bit.

In Heroics, that desperate need to be strong enough to progress is gone; we are all strong enough. It is time for some finesse!

The talent choice of Exhilaration is wonderful. It is like an extra health pot or two, especially in the long fights or sudden damage fights.

I swap to Murder of Crows for Kilrogg. Our strat is to have one healer and two melee in the visions for max damage on the boss. We ranged have to get those adds down! Otherwise, it’s almost always Stampede.

I swap trinkets depending on the fight. The Censer for single target and a flat-stat trinket for fights with adds (I like the heirloom trinket from mythic dungeons alot).

My Legendary Ring will be maxed (one more step to go) soon. This was ONE thing that I could do without needing anyone’s help or a raid team. I’m glad for my push to complete it.

Stacking cooldowns is my obsession. My raid leader took some time to make a weak aura for me so I can easily see when the Legendary has been triggered.

Using that saved agility potion at the right time is crucial when stacking cooldowns.

Glyph of Chimaera Shot should be obvious, but I missed it for the longest time.

I talent for Crouching Tiger always with one exception: Narrow Escape for the Infernals on Archimonde.

I run mythic Iron Docks once a week (and use a bonus roll) for the super-rare chance at the 725 trinket off of Oshir. It is fun to do and something to look forward to, again, outside of my raiding team. I hope to get it someday!

Raiding is a ton of fun. Some fights simply make me look good on the charts (Iskar! Tyrant!) but we all know that it is not about the charts (Kilrogg).

You’d want me on your team.


2 thoughts on “MM Hunter Transition Raiding”

  1. OMG, you worry too much!!! I really wish the SV [RANGED] spec was as good as MM this time, so you’d be able to raid accordingly… Playing BM with all the pet pathing issues, even when it’s doing some really good numbers, is not the way I like to play, and MM… *sigh*… standing still was never for me (I’m not a mage, goddamit!)… hopefully Legion will fix it.


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