Mount Collecting

Collecting is not really about art, or Pez Dispensers, or whatever. Collecting is about collecting.
David Blanchard

Mount Collecting

“I can’t believe I’m mount chasing.” says Bodhi Rana.

He posted a way to save lockouts on Dragon Soul. Lock outs confuse me (just ask my raid leader) but his posting did send me to the Armory.

I have 259 mounts. It says 96 are not collected which is a lie. They have posted on their list mounts that don’t exist. The Leopard and Tiger mounts were used in some Alpha according to WoWhead and never made it live.

I have 629 unique pets with 111 not collected.

I like mount chasing. Finding a mount that I like and looks good is worth going after. The Green Proto-Drake from the Oracles comes to mind; it took forever but I enjoy the ride.

/mountspecial will give you the animations for your flying mount since the spacebar will make him fly. Ins and Del keys will make your flying mount do loop-de-loops.

Grinding anything knowing that there is a reward is something we all understand. Endlessly running old content (Firelands!) for mounts that never seem to arrive is frustrating. Oddly, once you get that mount it doesn’t seem as if the effort was so bad.


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