WoW Add Ons

“There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t.”
Robert Benchley

World of Warcraft Add Ons

I use Curse Client, the free version, and was astonished to see that I have 27 addons! It was time to cull out the unnecessary.

Nine of those were Deadly Boss Mobs and their modules. I really enjoy the voice pack, DBM voice pack VEM. ‘Use Tranquilizing Shot now” is beyond helpful. I also love it on the last boss of Skyreach when someone gets picked up by the bird, “help me” she’ll say, “help me”.

Altoholic has proven necessary to the point where I think Blizzard needs to weave this into their UI. It is very good for many things; top among them are materials across all of your characters.

Auctioneer is a bit too robust for me. I had Auctionator for a long time and enjoyed it’s shopping list feature. I should go back to that. I don’t post much at all and when I do, I only want the undercut feature. Most of my characters have it so it doesn’t load; only my bank alt has it loading.

Bartender4 has held my UI together for years now. At times I’ve had entire action bars go invisible while in combat or I even made a One Button huge bar that had a cooldown that I always missed when learning to tank on my warrior.

Garrison Mission Manager along with Master Plan has kept my follower missions quick, speedy and fine-tuned.

Gatherer was for the beginning of the expansion for guild wide gathering of information on herb, mining, archeology nodes. Totally unnecessary for this expansion and I’m deleting it. It WILL be back for two months when Legion drops.

GoFish is just an okay addon. When you have a fishing pole equipped it will let you double-click on the water for a cast. Without a pole, you need to click on a pool for it to work. I’m deleting it.

GTFO is a players mandatory. Too many things can hurt by standing in the wrong place but also, too many effects are benign and fake you out.

HandyNotes and their modules DraenorTreasures and TreasureHunter were super helpful when I needed them. I betcha HandyNotes has a module for Elders on the next holiday. I might delete all of these or just let them ride.

Iskar Assist. It is a “must have” and our raid won’t pull until everyone has it installed. Any boss encounter that needs an addon is a poor design, shameful.

Recount is a resource hog. It uses more than all my other addons. Skada works perfectly fine but I have found that I’m used to Recount and can afford the resources.

Titan Panel is a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. The only module that I have is Guild, which lets me mouse-over and see who is on and where they are and which class they are too.

TomTom is for hunting stuff. Since Titan Panel posts coords, it is terrific when searching for that odd little thing or rare spawn.

Vuhdo is my healing addon.

WeakAuras2 is nice. Handy. Not mandatory but adds some “helps” for when I want them and can be very specific.

I often go Addon Hunting for something that will be helpful or fun but I also try to keep them at a minimum!


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