Healing in Legion

“Sometimes, we are literally watching. Sometimes, you could be fighting a dragon, and there could be an invisible gnome flying in mid-air, overhead, looking down at you. … Gnomes. Specifically – only gnomes, actually. No other races, just gnomes … watching your every move, and laughing at you when you wipe.”
Ion Hazzikostas alias Watcher

Healing in Legion

Today’s date is: Feb. 2, 2016.

It is early, very early in Alpha.

As I understand it Tanks are going to be nerfed. They will no longer be their own independent fiefdom standing with back-against-wall and fending off the Big Bad while the followers to the leader pick off adds.

Tanks will still take constant damage but will need healing. Healers are being re-designed to specialize in Tank-healing. Big heavy-duty raid-wide spells like Tranquility are being nerfed or come with a very high cost.

Healing spells from the past (which is still today) like Beacon and Shield which skewed healing to the degree that if you didn’t bring a Disc Priest you were “doing it wrong” according to Watcher — are being nerfed.

Mythic Raiding on a hard-core level demanded a Holy Paladin, Disc Priest and “one other” to be successful — that is changing too.

Of course, there are many questions since it is very early in the development of this next expansion. Healers will be given “meaningful” (their word, not mine) DPS which will help with leveling through zones and leveling up the center-piece of this expansion: the Artifact Weapon.

Will this “meaningful” DPS translate to raids for healers as still meaningful?

Will the raiding encounters reflect this changing design philosophy?

Will healing be fun and not an exasperating chore?

We long-time Healers are a unique group. Of all the millions of players in this game, we are the only ones who put the group ahead of the individual. We don’t even have decent measurement tools to study our efficiency.

I think it is crucial that as they nerf the Healing classes that somehow they also make us powerful heroes. We are studs, tough guys and compassionate. We are zealots when it comes to our healing class and also zealots in protecting the raid team.

Praise Elune that gone are the days of the First Finger to point after failure was the healing. Healers always got blamed first and I don’t see that (much) anymore. Those were cold dark days with little defense.

When the Raid is done, thank your Healers. We are not only being hit with the Nerf Bat, we are still responsible for you to make it alive.


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