Jaina Proudmoore in Legion

There is no obstacle we can’t overcome. Within each of our hearts lies… lies a yearning for peace. Even in this odd place, I truly believe that each of us can find a way to live in harmony! As I was saying, I am Jaina Proudmoore. We don’t need to fight, but if you insist… so be it.”
Jiana Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore

I believe in Good. And I want to believe in good.

There is a reason the Jesus story still resonates 2000 years after that story has been told. The same with King Arthur. The same with Superman. Good triumphs over Evil: if it doesn’t exist in real life, it must within my fantasy.

I believe that Man is at his greatest when he faces the worse. I believe in Free Will.

King Arthur was good, noble and strong even unto the very end when Camelot was burning around him. It is the best of writing and has endured as a story for centuries and resonates, echoes and sings in harmony with something in our soul.

Comic book writers and game writers and angst-driven teen-age writers love to take those who are the strongest and the best and make them evil monsters. They think that it will astonish the viewers. Frankly, I feel that it is weak and lame to do that.

Jaina has been one of our best.

She has promoted peace. In a “world of warcraft” when we spend our days bent on revenge, death, fighting the enemy and our neighbors: Jaina has promoted peace.

Garrosh did a horrible thing and dropped a Mana Bomb on Theramore, Jaina’s home city. Millions dead; friends, family, loved ones died in an instant. It is shocking even in a computer game; death at this level is sickening.

Jaina who befriended Thrall, who allowed Orcs to settle in Kalimdor, who loved Kalecgos and who loved Arthas and tried to stop the Culling of Stratholme; she is good.

She lost her shit in Dalaran after the bombing of Theramore and we have not heard of her since.

Khadgar is the new leader of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran in Legion.

Please dear Elune, please to the Light; let Jiana Proudmoore return as a hero. A hero for Good, for Peace, for Azeroth.


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