Legion Healing

“Every one is worthy of love, except him who thinks that he is. Love is a
sacrament that should be taken kneeling.”

Oscar Wilde

Legion Healing

Seeing Legion way (way) down the line, it is fun to follow how the changes are being tried and, best of all, the “blue posts”.

A “blue post” is when a Developer joins in the forums with a knowledgable response. Almost always it is a defense because players spin out of control when they don’t have information and begin making huge assumptions.

Healing is being nerfed (again). In this version, we no longer have Spirit as a secondary. Spirit is gone. Mana regen will be ticks on the clock, scary. I have never wanted healing to be solely about mana management (sorry).

Blue Post:

  • 1) It’s definitely still intended that you consider mana costs in choosing heals. I wouldn’t agree with the characterization that any changes (recent or otherwise) reflect an abandonment of this. It’s widely accepted among players that mana became overly abundant at high ilvls in past expansions, which did in some cases undermine the resource management aspect.

I cherry-picked the above from a much larger post.

What I see is players complaining now about being bored healing. They are stupid whiny assholes. They are pressing for “meaningful” dps to fill their bored empty little heads.

The reason they have so much mana is that everyone has finally learned all the fights and mastered the movement.

You hear no mana complaints on progression nor do you hear about bored healers. It is the 20th Archimonde kill that is smooth and on farm and it is their own fault for re-doing content to the point of boredom.

Stupid healers ask:

  • Similar to the above, it is less about power and more that it feels bad to be asked to justify why your spec should be brought when another spec brings X ability and not have an answer.

Have mercy on our Devs! They are reading that whiny stuff every single day.


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