Resto Druid in Legion

“…But our princess is in another castle!”
Super Mario Bros

Resto Druid in Legion

brez me, bro.

Today’s date is Feb. 5, 2016 — things can change.

Things can change but they won’t change much, the Devs have been pretty happy with Resto-Druid design. I could quibble, but I love my healer!

At first blush, the spec is getting a lot of flavorful quality-of-life improvements. Good things and some fun things.

  • Balance Affinity for DPS (or feral or guardian).
  • Ursol’s Vortex is a spell now (baked in) and Hurricane can be cast several times, stacking up for more damage.
  • Thorns is back! It lasts 30 freaking minutes; back are the days of racing through mobs and pulling them all, standing in heals and casting hurricane! So, so very much fun.
  • Mark of the Wild, the raid buff may be changing == stay tuned!

But, we are healers at heart.

There is a synergy between talents. One can choose to be very bursty or focused more on tank healing or overall raid healing or even five-man dungeon healing.

We will learn our talent tree well, I’m positive. We might find a favorite set of talents but we’ll probably be malleable.

The big change to see is the change in our Harmony.

Mastery: Harmony: Your healing is increased by 5% for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target.

You might think that is keeping very busy but there are a LOT of HoTs in our toolkit. Even Ironbark on the tank counts as a HoT.

What we do now: mushroom, lifebloom, rejuve and wild growth are already in our rotation — so nothing is changing except the painful need to keep Harmony up and the boost we get for doing more and more healing!

Harmony won’t stay at 5%, as you gear up this number will increase. Potentially you could see your heals riding at 60% over a long period of time!

Innervate is back! It is a free ten second run of heals at no cost — blow all of your cooldowns for free. You can cast it on other healers. I can see some Shammy Healer who thinks he’s amazing asking “Innervate me, bro”.

The tanks had better love me. Ironbark with the Stonebark Talent and rolling Lifebloom on top of a nice padded mushroom is some major tanking love!

Context and Perspective
The first pass through these talents makes me want to jump for joy. A big dollop of fun on top of a yummy talent tree will make Druids very good at padding the raid team — BUT, those thoughts are based on how I play today.

If mana is an issue (no Spirit!), I won’t be as free-wheeling with my spells.

In Mist of Pandaria, there were designs for huge bursty damage in which the raid team would stack up for a pounding. In Warlords of Draenor, the damage is much more even while still having some hot spots for big heals.

In Legion, while I don’t know, I imagine we’ll be back to “stack for a pounding” for our times of big bursty healing on everyone: otherwise, we’ll simply be out of mana.

They’ll have to design some mana regeneration time into the raid design.

I’m very pleased to see that some spells work much stronger “outside of a raid”. They are folding into the tooltips even now for dungeon healing.

In conclusion:
It will be totally fun to Resto-Druid heal in Legion. We will continue to do what we do best: run HoTs and sustain a raid plus decent tanking love.


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