Super Bowl Stories – Pt. One

Hollywood is like Picasso’s bathroom.
Candice Bergen

Super Bowl Stories – Part One

I lived in Los Angeles for twenty years. I lived, loved, worked, taught, got married, got divorced, had a ton of fun and then got tired in Los Angeles.

I was part of The Industry. If you are in the film industry, the Industry is the film business. If you are in the Entertainment Industry (television, theme parks, award shows, movies, rock and roll, bowling alleys) then you are in the Industry too.

I don’t think about Los Angeles much any more, it was a past life. Except during the Super Bowl. I used to go to what I called “Hollywood Parties”. These were not parties like you see on television.

These parties were for Industry people, all of our friends! During the daylight it was family and grandmas and kids; grilling and drinking beer. A huge backyard with hammocks and little zones to hang out in.

At night it was naked dancers in the hot tubs, tikki torches, dancing and coke and weed and beers. Of course, I stayed way late!

I went to these parties four or five times a year. I always attended the Super Bowl party. One reason was that the designer for the half-time show was there and I could find out how he did all the lighting and video and special effects.

One of my favorite memories was when I was hanging with my friend who was a writer for the Cartoon Network. He was the story-board editor for Spongebob for years but moved on to other shows.

Yes, I have worked for Disney. In the Industry, one says that you are “working for the Mouse.” So, I was a huge Hannah Montana fan. I watched every new episode (easy, it was on four times a day).

There was, at this party, a little twelve year-old girl who had watched the taping of a future Hannah Montana. Her mom did something; costumes or scenery, I don’t remember.

I have this terrific memory of the three of us at a picnic table in the late afternoon. I’m asking the little girl about the future episode and what it was like behind the scenes. My friend is trying to ask about other shows that he’d written for feedback from a kid. The little girl loved the attention!

I have many memories and stories of the Hollywood Parties and the Super Bowl. But the three of us huddled at the table talking about kid’s shows is one of my favorites.


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