Super Bowl Stories – Pt. Two

“What are you going to wear in the game Sunday?”
Julie Brown to Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith prior to his 1993 Superbowl game against Buffalo

Super Bowl Stories – Part Two

I was on sabbatical from my teaching gig. After seven years they give you a semester off with full pay. They used words like “creative expansions” and stuff like that but it was really to stop burn out.

A friend of mine who worked in software for a video game company had loaned me his joystick controller. As I recall, I was playing X-wing vs Tie Fighter almost non-stop. I was trying for the rank of Captain.

The phone rang:
Me: Hello?
My friend: Dude
Me: Dude

(comfortable silence)

My friend: Wanna work the Super Bowl?
Me: Prolly. What do I have to do?
My friend: Push a button.
Me: Yeah?
My friend: Once
Me: Sounds good.

Then the uncomfortable money talk …

Me: What’s the paycheck?
My friend: NBC is footing the entire bill.
Me: I’m in.

In fact, he lied. I had to push that button twice. They had an NBC executive party the night before the Super Bowl and the Beach Boys played a concert for them. My job was to push this button at the end of the concert.

The waiters saw that I was an Average Joe at this fancy party and made sure I had all the shrimp-on-a-stick that I could eat. And this chicken-on-a-stick with peanut sauce called Thai Chicken Satay — fancy stuff, really good.

I enjoyed myself a lot. I like the Beach Boys and at the end of the show … I pushed my button. Mister, I pushed that button with style!


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