Tools for Legion

“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”
Zadie Smith

The Legion Today

No, no lore. Just tools.

I’ve been using this Talent Calculator from Wowdb. The page loads slow and the ads are painful.

There must be other versions but this is the one bookmarked. It is handy-dandy is that it also has a PvP calculator and an Artifact calculator.

I can see, for example, that healing Druids will only have one extra spell to cast from the Artifact — everything else buffs what I do already.

I can also see a nice little touch when bearing my Artifact:
Druidic Touch: Casting a helpful spell has a chance to sprout a patch of flowers at the target’s location that heals a nearby targets every 2 sec.

Legacy of the Windrunners: When you cast Aimed Shot, there is a chance for 6 extra Wind Arrows to coalesce and also shoot at your target.

Flavor in my artifact!

Whether having curiosity or being tempted to plan ahead: these tools are a fun visit.


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