Super Bowl Stories – Pt. Four

“Don’t tell me this town ‘aint got no heart”
Jerry Garcia

Super Bowl Stories — Part Four

Today is the Super Bowl. Go teams!

They say every teacher remembers their first class. I certainly do, each of those students were my life and focus in that first semester.

One of my students, (let’s say) Becca was a cute young girl growing into her beauty. Her first year of college took part in my arena; the classroom, studio and theater. Not all, by any means, but enough.

Becca was a hippy chick. We got along well because of the Grateful Dead; my extensive knowledge of the counter culture, her extensive knowledge of weed.

She was a friend as much as a student can be with a teacher. Comfortable sitting together and talking about almost anything, there was still no question that I was the authority figure and teacher.

While I was at the Super Bowl, years after she’d graduated, I was walking the sidelines and ran into Becca! She was a Camera Runner for Sports Illustrated and had her hands full of cameras. We did the quick non-touching Hollywood hug and she dashed off.

At the end of the game, I stood on the sidelines staring all around. Confetti was everywhere, filling the sky and littering the ground. The stands were roaring. I was looking up at the stands and my eyes moved down to see Becca standing still, waiting to be seen by me.

She broke into a quick fifteen second hippy acid dance in the confetti.

For me! She smiled quick and dashed off to do her job. I was enchanted.

In the midst and middle of the world-wide chaos and celebration, I had a
one-for-one performance, just for me. It was a wonderful surprise and a gift.

Those kind of connections are golden, my friend, golden.


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