Beast Mastery – Be Stubborn!

Dar: Don’t move. The beast is fierce. But if we show no fear, we might escape.
The Beastmaster (1982)

Beast Mastery — Be Stubborn!

I admit it. I ran Marskmanship all through Hell Fire Citadel. I still run it. With the raid designs (adds before boss), MM was the clear selection.

But, Beast Mastery can be a respectable damage dealer in casual raiding and on some bosses absolutely competitive (Iskar!).

Why not bring the one you love?

Beast Mastery Utility

  • Battle Rez — Bring a Quilen.
  • Hero — Bring a Corehound.
  • Intimidation — a 3 second stun every minute is powerful stuff.
  • Cast Kill Command with your back turned and on the flee!

It says it in it’s name: Mastery. Your pet will do 50% of your damage, stacking mastery will get your pet’s damage even higher. With the Valor Point upgrades and the Legendary Ring and the Archimonde trinket and (perhaps) the Heirloom Trinket all added since HFC opened, perhaps some of the bias against Beast Mastery can go away.


  • Bestial Wrath has a one minute cooldown so that lines up with the Legendary two minute cooldown. It lines up with the Council trinket perfectly, every time.
  • Bestial Wrath lasts ten seconds. Kill Command is every six seconds — you have got to get two Kill Commands in every Bestial Wrath!
  • Kill Shot Sniping. I learned this for MM but it still applies. Look for those adds which are below 20% health and snipe them with Kill Shot.
  • Most Important: know those fights!
    For example: First boss, wing one. Be ready with Intimidation to stun the engineer repairing the siege engine. It won’t show up on any charts but it is gold.
  • Find your rhythm. Using Steady Focus and Kill Command will be your bread and butter.

Why Iskar?
Iskar has an add phase and those adds are stacked. This is your time to shine. Lining up the Legendary Ring and Multi-shot with some judicious Barrage is devastating to those adds.

Kilrogg will be frustrating.
I’d be tempted to use Murder of Crows. I’d be tempted to have Dash triggered manually. If you are on add duty (you are) watching your pet slog to the back of the room can be dis-heartening. On the other hand: going into Visions is a joy — use Misdirect on cooldown and barrage/multi-shot the adds, pin them in the doorway of you can.

From Icy Veins:
For fights that are purely single-target, you should always eat Felmouth Frenzy, especially if there is movement involved. The proc of Felmouth Frenzy is RPPM, so it is not affected by movement (it will still proc as often in a movement-heavy encounter), but it does not scale up with additional targets, as stat-based food does. For this reason, this is the food of choice for Fel-Lord Zakuun.

More Notes:

  • The Exhilaration talent has proven very useful to me as Markmsan, I’m sure it’s the same for Beast Mastery
  • Glyph of Animal Bond and Glyph of Deterrence will be your top glyphs.
  • Stampede is powerful. I might use Blink Strikes on Assault and Iskar. I might try Murder of Crows on Kilrogg.
  • Bring the right pets!

There will be Negative Nellies who will bag on you for not going Marksman. Prove them wrong and kick their asses on the charts.

Beast Mastery is a ton of fun. You are sure to pass any DPS test on a boss and, on some fights, you’ll be the envy of the raid.


2 thoughts on “Beast Mastery – Be Stubborn!

  1. I was first enamored with Beast Mastery when I played a hunter. From Wrath and beyond, I loved MM for instancing. Hunters are what made me fall in love with dual specing. He was the only one that was dual specced for a good long while. That 4K gold cost made think long and hard about getting it.

    I’m still quite raw that in Legion MM will not have the option for pets anymore. I love the additional utility that they brought for some situations. Having a tank pet ready to be called in a pinch (even as MM) meant the difference between a complete wipe and a squeak by win.

    I’m on the fence as to what I’m going to do regarding the artifact (MM or BM). I really need to know how the secondary artifact (and catch up) are going to work before deciding. I wonder if there will be a Engineering gun in Legion that I can use as a leveling weapon, so I can level BM and instance in MM.


  2. That’s a great question about the engineering gun.
    My impression is that you could (conceivably) level both artifacts at the same time though you’d be bouncing back and forth between specs and taking twice the time.
    My wish to quest and adventure as BM won’t compliment my MM raiding spec in the current design, I think! What to do, what to do …


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