Blizzard Watch

The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I’ll never be as good as a wall.
Mitch Hedberg

Blizzard Watch

I have been thinking about Blizzard Watch for some of the day. Knowing that Rossi will be on hiatus (at least) has me worried about Blizzard Watch.

BW is a social site. Once upon a time, back during WoW Insider, it was a great site for information but no longer.

Alex has not been in a guild since Cataclysm. Anne doesn’t raid and so is good only for some speculative lore stuff.

Liz summed herself up today in The Queue, “I’m mostly not playing, though I go through phases where I try to motivate myself to finish up achievements or level alts… it’s just not very exciting stuff.” I don’t know why she represents the site.

The columnists are done. Some stuff on Legion now and then. The Fluid Druid guy is gone; moved on to his family and real life.

Rossi, he was on his stomach with his laptop, heroic raiding with a damn eye-patch because that is what it took to play. He was it. No one else at BW is playing or raiding nor do they have an opinion beyond that they don’t play.

My first thought is to use words like dedication, passion and devotion to the game for Rossi. But I don’t think that is true nor are they the right words. Probably fascination, interesting and fun is more like it.

Until Alex decides to play, he can’t set any example nor can he set any standard. I guess BW is fine as a social site with The Queue and Transmog Tuesday. Funny screen caps and breakfast topics are fun for a brief visit.

I like Blizzard Watch. I dearly want them to do well, they are the only show in town.


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