Generosity in WoW

Class is considerate of others. It knows that good manners is nothing more than a series of petty sacrifices.
Ann Landers

Generosity in WoW

I spend my fair share of time in Blizzard Watch and some on the forums. Participants can be of all walks of life and many do what the Internet allows them to do: be jerks.

We call the jerks “trolls” and know that they want attention. We will say “Don’t feed the trolls”. That people try to incite and inflame a topic is common and commonplace.

Believe it or not, I would like to propound an increase of Good Manners. For example, on Blizzard Watch, I rarely see the person posing the question getting a ‘like’.

I don’t use Facebook much but I am aware of generating likes.

A person can ask a very good question and get (let’s say) 20 responses. The participants will then ‘like’ the responses that they enjoy but snub the originator!

A recent question in The Queue had me up-in-arms. It was about achievements and then meandered into the saying “grats”. There was a kind of snobbishness on whether an achievement was worthy of a grats.

Here is an sample:
Mitch: I don’t mind the existence of the non-achievement achievements, to be honest. In general, the community seems to know which achievements really stand out and are worth a legitimate congratulations.

I understand that he is making a point in the context of achievements. It IS true that we mostly know the achieves that are hard to do. But … worthy of a grats?

I enjoy saying “thank you” and “you are welcome”. I think that Good Manners are what makes society run smooth.

It costs me nothing but typing five letters “grats”.

I stand tall today in my determination to “like” more questions in the comment section! I make it my personal vow to “like” more comments, those people put in effort!

If you could, in an anonymous way, make your world a better place — would you? Good manners can be the grease to the machinery of society.


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