Marksman Hunter Trinkets

“Guys, let me explain that to you, okay? Usually when we’re pissed off at you but don’t tell you why, it’s because we snooped through your shit.”
Whitney Cummings

Marksman Hunter Trinkets

Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector (720)

I got this tasty little trinket during the mythic dungeon bonus event. I know that it’s not the Big Boy but I’m still excited.

I visited Azortharions Marksmanship Guide and see that is is the 11th best trinket that I can have.

Looking through the BiS trinket list, if I eliminate the Class trinket and note the two listings of the Heirloom (vs demon or no) then it is 7th best. I do have the heirloom trinket which rates very high but need to remember the valuable uses of the Mirror trinket in multi-mob situations.

My other trinkets are all from Normal raids.

Candidly, I’d like to get lucky and earn the higher level of Kihra’s trinket. Still, I’m not doing mythic raiding and this will do me just fine.

I am no Delirium by any scope from the viewfinder. Over on The Thrill of the Wild he posted a very cool article on how to run tests. It is very cool stuff. Science. It works, bitches.

But I did my own testing by running the LFR. I chose three of the Black Rock Foundry raids so see what was what. Very informal.

First of all — I got pwned on the charts by this Shadow Priest in mythic raiding gear. He cued in as a healer. Do I mind? Not at all.

Second of all, I ran with Recount open on my screen; something I never do when playing for reals.

Third of all, I’d like to mention something that is rarely covered in guides and that is the Fun Factor. This trinket is totally fun!

One has to obsess on lining the ‘on use’ trinket with Rapid Fire and the Legendary Ring and the Mirror trinket. I like that. The numbers jack up nicely.

I had zero control over the Legendary Ring or Hero nor did I even have a guess if it would be used in the LFR.

On the pulls, I was chasing that Shadow Priest’s ass. Was he even trying? I don’t know. As the fights went on, my DPS settled down. I was reminded of my big bursty damage as a Beast Master in the old Siege of Orgrimmar raids.

I’d like to try replacing the Mirror with the Heirloom trinket on single target fights. It will be fun to look into that idea.

In all, I’m very glad I have some variety and options. Like I said, the Fun Factor is important and with stacking cooldowns (don’t forget potions and stampede!) this is a fun new trinket to have on my character.


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