The Signature Grind

I’m a bad woman, but I’m damn good company.
Fanny Brice

The Signature Grind

Hearthcast, my favorite podcast, had Dedguy on their recent episode called Get Rich or Get Good.

Dedguy came on their show to list all of the things that will go away at the end of Warlords of Draenor. Achievements, mounts, titles: things that you might want to finish! Give the show a listen.

Rewt and Freckleface then riffed on “missed opportunity” like not getting a holiday mount or an anniversary event.

Thinking on their list, I was reminded of a recent little thing. We were waiting for our break to finish during our raid and I used the toy Mylune’s Call. One of our raiders said, “Wait! What IS that? That is so cool.”

Naturally, I explained.

When the Molten Front opened in Cataclysm, everyone was in there. Plenty of rewards, today I remember Mylunes Call, the Hyjal Bear and the Mushroom Chair.

These, in my opinion, were the signature items of the expansion; along with the Singing Sunflower.

Signature Items mark a period of our game play. We are surprised when someone asks about a toy, pet, mount, title. I remember well being in Iron Forge and at least ten players had their annoying Singing Sunflower out.

Doesn’t everyone have these things? No. Because we did it at the time.

Historically rare mounts like the Ashes of Al’ar are pretty well known. But Mylune’s Call?

Here is the deal. During an expansion, we all willingly do the content. We will grind the Argent Tourney during WotLK, grind the Molten Front (and Tol Barad) in Cataclysm, grind the Timeless Isle and the Isle of Thunder during Mists of Pandaria … but we’d never want to go back!

Going back to an earlier grind is a drag.

I’d hate to do the White Raptor grind today on the Isle of Giants. 10,000 bones, all alone, would be a heart-breaker.

I was grinding claws the other day for I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered. I was with friends. I am at 2800 of 5000. Part of me thought, I’ll come back when I’m 110 and slaughter this place!


Doing the nasty grind now during the expansion with friends is the way to do it.

You’ll thank me later!


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