Epic Level Battle Pets

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”
—Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot)

Epic Level Battle Pets

New to Legion (on the Alpha) is news of a higher class battle pet. Currently we are topped out at Rare, we will have a new standard called Epic.

Anna Bell’s terrific article Epic Quality Pets a Possibility in Legion forewarns us on Blizzard Watch.

The currency (as it now stands) is Pet Charms, the same that we earn today. A staggering 200 Pet Charms will buy you one mystery bag that will yield one random-class Epic upgrade token.

Pet Charms are account bound. We can start farming today with all of our garrison menageries and pool them on one character, but … still …. 200 charms for one pet’s upgrade is steep!

We’ve not seen any new Battle Pet Achievement list yet. I hope there is no massive number of pets linked to the Epic upgrades. I thought taming 600 unique was way too much.

We don’t know what challenges we will face in Legion; whether their will be a new Celestial Tournament type battle or zone-wide stuff or what.

Will we be safe in assuming that our “go to” guys like the Pandarian Mechanical Dragonling, Chrominius, Pandarian Water Spirit and our other specials will continue to be deadly combinations?

I appreciate the peek into the new world of pet battling, it’s gonna be a doozy!


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