The Legion Hunter

“There’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.”
Frank Zappa

Beast Mastery vs Marksmanship

One thing that I am challenged with is my judging past and future units by the moral, ethical and standards of today. That judgement on my part is un-fair to those events as there is always change on the sliders of what is moral, ethical or what that standard might be.

I am not alone.

An example:
Thomas Jefferson. A great man and leader and a founder of the United States. Today one of the main things we know about him is that he owned slaves. Rather than a rich knowledge of this man’s achievements, this fact always seems to come up. This is because we are judging Mr. Jefferson by today’s standards and seem to find him lacking — which is bullshit and narrow-sighted and fairly ignorant on our part.

Beast Mastery or Marskmanship
I am teetering on Occam’s Razor, trying to decide which choice has the fewest assumptions. I WILL have to decide once Legion arrives. It is a big choice and will decide not only how I play this game but also my satisfaction early in the expansion (since I can change my mind after being burned).

The Crux
I can read the data-mined new talents and spells. I keep thinking of how they’d apply to the game I play right now (they look cool!). However, I have no idea what the encounters will be. Making a judgement on the state of the class by the standards of today’s raids is a mistake.

Reverse Engineering
I am pretty sure that Blizzard designs the classes first and then designs the encounters. The focus throughout Hell Fire Citadel was a mantra to the point of sarcasm, “adds before boss”. They must have an over-arcing style in mind for our future raids that will make them signature to the expansion.

We Can Not Know
People still use “A Patchwerk Fight” as a dps standard. Will we be running for our lives like we did with Thok? Will we be full-time flame-throwers like in Brackenspore? Will we be jumping into vehicles like in Malygos or Flame Leviathan?

Reverse Engineering Again
The class design is what we’ll see at the end of the expansion.
The leveling up and gearing up is to fill in the pieces that have been removed to be part of our journey in the expansion.
At first glance, it would seem that Crit plays a big role in Beast Mastery; we could be weak early in the expansion and be monsters at the end!
They said that we will finish our Artifact weapon in one to three months. There is no way that is our final weapon of the game, future patches will give us more … sockets, spells, flavors.

For every major plus in each of the class designs, there may be an extremely large number of unknown possible facets to the classes.


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