“Take away leisure and Cupid’s bow is broken”


Since our holiday, Love is in the Air, has arrived, I’d like to give a nod to Peddlefeet. As a pvp battle pet, he can be pretty handy.

He’s nasty against Dragonkin (a popular class for pvp). He holds his own against other classes and, personally, I like to open with Peddlefeet.

Mind you, I don’t use addons to scope out the enemies spell choices or track their cooldowns; if you are going serious, get those addons.

For me, to pvp pet battle is totally fun and should be approached with a bit of joie de vivre.

My spell choices are:

  • Rapid Fire for his aoe hits. Pasting the back line is always satisfying!
  • Lovestruck to stun my enemy, forcing a swap or interupting their rotation.
  • Love Potion is a heal for 25% health on a three turn cooldown and always goes first.

There is still time, see if you can add Peddlefeet to your fleet during this holiday event!


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