Evolution in WoW

To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact.
Charles Darwin

Evolution in WoW


I am going to try ten-man normal Tectis today; soloing on my Hunter.

Before you think I am crazy, this was done months ago by a hunter who was very good. (Update: yesterday, a hunter did heroic Tectis — solo)

Now that I know that it can be done (because I wouldn’t), I want to try.

When Lew Alcindor (eventually Kareem Abdul Jabbar) attended UCLA, the NCAA banned dunking. It was banned for four years until he graduated. Dunking was powerful stuff. He was (and still is!) seven-feet two-inches tall.

When Michael Jordan began dunking in the NBA at six-foot five-inches … from the foul line, suddenly every city park’s basketball hoops were drooping by 45 degrees as every kid in town began practicing their dunk.

Today, most athletic six-foot two-inch guys can do a 360 dunk.

The deal is: man did not evolve in thirty years. Players in the 1950’s could have dunked with the same élan except they didn’t even think of it: impossible.

I remember the Rubik’s Cube. Some amazing genius came on a talk show and solved it in 30 seconds. Astounding! This guy must be special and he was: for being first. Soon thousands upon thousands of people could do it.

There are some piano concertos that once were considered to only be tackled by the greatest pianists; maybe three in a generation. Today, they are being taught in classes.

There is so much we CAN do that we don’t know that we can do! We need just “that one guy” to show it can be done and we, the human race, can do things that we never thought possible.

I won’t know until I try — scratch that — I won’t know until I do.

Remember the mythical Four-Minute Mile? I do too.


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