Path of Elothir Macro

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Path of Elothir Macro

Today’s date is March 3, 2016. Legion is still in Alpha, things could change.
The WowHead link is here.
The WowHead link to the new Legion Toys can be found here.
I don’t recall toys having ilevels ….

Path of Elothir
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up

Use: Leaves fluttering leaves in your wake for 5 min. (10 Min Cooldown)

Treasure: Small Treasure Chest
Zone: Val’sharah

Let’s take a look at the toy, a video can be found here.

It looks like three golden birds (fairies?) flying at your feet leaving a golden sparkly trail. For me, this is a Day One toy when Legion drops.

It is found in the Val’sharah zone, which appears to be a very druidy zone.

If you find a map, look for the area called Thas’talah. There will be an icon for a small hut just above the final H in Thas’talah on the map, and to the right. So, just a bit North-East of that H.

With a ten minute cooldown, I’d want this toy up every time for it’s five minute length. I do not know if it tracks for shape-shifting or when mounted.

Sample Macros
#showtooltip Dash
/use Path of Elothir
/cast Dash

#showtooltip Aspect of the Cheetah
/use Path of Elothir
/cast Aspect of the Cheetah

My instinct would be to macro it with any speed boost like Blink or Heroic Leap.

Fun stuff coming in Legion!


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