Blizzard Watch: March 2016

If that’s all there is my friends
Then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
If that’s all there is

Peggy Lee

The Only Show in Town

I’m a Blizzard Watch guy. I check it several times a day and I enjoy asking questions in The Queue daily comment section.

It is a rough and tumble place if you are really trying to get answers. There is a clique crowd like in any gathering who ‘own the place’. I’m not part of that crowd, I didn’t play team sports in high school either.

People save up images and video links to bloat up the Comment section: I’m mystified why!

My main gripe is with the clique. They derail your question! I’m not sure why. I can ask a serious question and someone will say “Because Chuck Norris.” Or I will get a response that has only to do with the set-up for the question and everyone piles on to that.

Then my studied well-considered question just lays flat, derailed onto some tangent.

I know many of them are not actively playing, it’s just part of the In Crowd. It is a sandbox and meant to be a place to go social.

Knowing that the writers for Blizzard Watch didn’t play WoW for the expansion compounded the disrespect for the game by the comment people.

My fear is that while is might be a circus now that the inherent emptiness in that derailing environment will lead to a very empty future. I don’t want that.

I know, I know that I’m way too serious. I want serious intelligent questions and answers that deepen my experiences in the World of Warcraft.

When Wow Insider existed, especially early on, it was THE place to go for information on raiding and dungeons and class columns. I don’t think a serious raider would spend ten minutes in the current Blizzard Watch.

Blizzard Watch is the only show in town; I hope it can survive.


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