Peyton Manning Retires

Pressure is something you feel when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.
Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning is announcing his retirement later today in a press conference.

What a run!

We loved Archie Manning and now his two kids. I think everyone knows his list of records and achievements. Everyone knows him for the funny commercials too.

I remember watching Peyton play early in his career at the Colts. He walks up to the line and changes the play. And, I think, the offensive line blocking scheme. I’m thinking, “what is going on.” He had the defense at his mercy.

He changed the game for the better.

It was a pleasure to watch a master at his craft. There are not many in the NFL, as is at is should be. Many teams can’t find a quarterback, Peyton played for eighteen years!

The 2013 season with my favorite. Statistically one of his best but I also watched every single game on television, often with my sister. Pure, wonderful entertainment.



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