The Well of Eternity

At the continent’s center, the titans crafted a lake of scintillating energies. The lake, which they named the Well of Eternity, was to be the fount of life for the world.

The Well of Eternity

The Well of Eternity is the single most powerful source of raw arcane magic (or energy) in Azeroth. Our current Well is really the second Well and it is protected by a World Tree.

I’m fascinated by this Well. In lore, it is said that a tribe of Trolls settled near the original Well and, over time, became our Night Elves!

I read the trilogy years ago and I probably have to read it again. When I read the new Chronicles books, I’ll be looking for information on the Well.

Because, I ask myself: why does anyone care about Azeroth? Sure, the legion is attacking all of the planets but we keep kicking their butts. As far as I know, it is the only Well in the universe.

I think this Well (it’s really a lake, I think it’s called a well like something you’d draw from; like power), should turn out to be important in Legion. If the Legion should capture and tap that power, it would be a huge advantage — and the same would be true for the defenders on Azeroth.

There was some talk if the water from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria might be related with the Well. We loved seeing all those huge carrots in the Valley of the Four Winds (you can see the water cascade down from the Vale).

I am not a loremaster by any means. Sargeras tried to use the Well of Eternity to get into our “reality” from the Twisted Nether and failed. Yet, the first thing we do in the next expansion is deal with Gul’dan at the Tomb of Sargeras in the Broken Isles.

Surely, the Well of Eternity will be a factor in the next expansion — I sure hope so.


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