In-Game Traps

WC: Was I in here last night and did I spend a 20-dollar bill?
Barkeep: Yeah.
WC: Oh boy, what a load that is off my mind. I thought I’d lost it.
W.C. Fields

Danger Ranger!

I got this as an in-game mail. No, I didn’t click the link. I copied this here and you can see that it is clearly bait.

Extinction is imminent indeed ….

The World of Warcraft Legion

Beta The Legion of Draenor has been formal released. In order to complete the later work as soon as possible there is increasing more testers of Beta to help now. You have been randomly selected to participate in the Final Testing.

Please activate the test status within 24 hours! You will receive The Big Love Rocket a pull-style horse event awards.

Steel yourself champion. Extinction is imminent.

Please visit: (I’ll not show this link)


Legion of Dreanor?
formal instead of “formally”
“increasing more testers”
Big Love Rocket — no, I don’t think so.
What is a “pull style horse event awards”?

Danger Ranger, don’t go near it.


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