Legion: Take Your Time

Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word meaning lousy hunter.
Andy Rooney

Legion: take your time.

Misdirections, who I have followed forever, has a new post called Legion Release Date? Take your time. If you have a spare 30 minutes, go take a read (comment section too). As ever, leave a comment.

It is a very in-depth article and an angry one too. Alt leveling, Artifact weapons, spec swapping and more are all covered. Now I’m thinking on it too.

This article makes me hope that the pre-expansion patch will be fairly lengthy. With it we will get our new spells and class swapping mechanics. I will be able to preview the Marksman vs Beast Mastery specs and decide which to commit to when Legion arrives. The sampling of play-style is crucial to me, more than if I have a pet by my side.

In WoD, our tier pieces changed depending on which spec we were in. I pray to the benevolent heart of Elune that the approach is expanded and goes deeper. My hard-won trinket should support both (or three or four) specs. I should not be penalized by swapping specs but encouraged to move forward. All gear should have all the flavors, except crafted gear.

I’ll have the same approach to my Alts that I had in Mists of Pandaria. I have my mains and then I have alts who support my mains. My profession alts (I hope) will only have to level to get the recipes and then camp in Dalaran. I’ll be leaving a ton of alts behind in their garrisons because that was their job: make gold.

The article also made me wonder if the Artifact is a way of balancing raids and dungeons. I imagine a flattening of the arc of dps, heals and tanks with a lot less spikes in power. Pivoting around the assumption that all Artifacts are equal in damage, no one player will show up as super weak or strong. A design coup, perhaps, but will it be fun?

It will be pretty easy to scale dungeons based on the Artifact’s progression. The assumption that your gear level will match how far one is on the Artifact is a solid one. As the expansion goes along, we’ll get more sockets or gems or whatever for the Artifact. If, mid-way through Legion I have progressed my Artifact to “level five”, then the I’ll be matched with all of the other “level fives”.

Thank you, Misdirections, that is a lot to think about!


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