Discord App

If I could walk with the animals, talk with the animals,
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
And they could talk to me!

Dr. Dolittle

Discord — My first look

Discord will very (very) likely be our go-to voice chat for raiding and guild chat.

I spent only 30 minutes on it last night with two of our officers. Getting in was easy and hard, entering the invite code caused some hassle. Eventually, I got the link via chat in Vent; kind of round about.

Once in, we had a ball playing with the features!

You can “drag and drop” stuff right off of your desktop into the chat pane! I did images, text files, html files and url shortcuts to articles. They worked clean and easy.

I double-checked to see if what I posted would reveal my true name or any information on me (like using View Source to see the Microsoft Office embedding of my name in the code). So far, so good but I’ll look again and deeper to be sure.

I’ll double-check too when I post images from my phone or especially anything that I’ve photo-shopped since that personal info can travel with the image.

It feels very secure though and robust. It has a good quick response time. The interface is wonderfully easy, setting up push-to-talk was a breeze.

It is for gamers! I can even mute another player if I don’t want to hear them chattering away about … anything, while I’m focused on healing. Very easy click on and off, I was delighted.

We will have to learn more; there is a LOT to this program. But, at first glance, I can see no reason why not to shift to a better (and free) program for raiding and guild chat.


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