Personal Hologram – Macro

Men are those creatures with two legs and eight hands.
Jayne Mansfield

Personal Hologram — Macro’d

You can see my other toy box macros by click the tag to the left.

The Personal Hologram is a toy made by engineers but can be learned by anybody.

This fun toy will make a hologram (kinda glassy and clear) of yourself, even when shapeshifted. It lasts for one minute with a five minute cooldown and so deserves a macro.

It responds to emotes! I tried with success:

  • /dance
  • /train
  • /doom
  • /point
  • /bow
  • /cheer

I added it to my splashy fireworks macro to cast on the run, typically back from a wipe! Or, just showing off in Iron Forge.

/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Kaldorei Wind Chimes
/use Personal Hologram
/use Titanium Seal of Dalaran
/use Bubble Wand
/use Pandaren Firework Launcher
/use Power Converter
/summonpet Darkmoon Balloon

A little bit of fun with your Personal Hologram macro.


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