Marksman Hunter Trinkets

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Hunter Marksman – Legendary Ring and Trinkets

I’m getting clicks on my Hunter Trinket posting. People are looking for answers, the answer is Azortharion’s Guide.

He who holds the ring, holds the power.

I use Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector (ilevel 720) always now. After flipping through different combinations and delving into A’s guide; simply put: I love this trinket.

On demon fights I use the heirloom trinket, on single target I use the Censor and on groups-of-adds fights, I use the blademaster trinket.

But, nowdays, always with the Adrenaline Injector.

I love the playstyle a lot. Stacking Rapid Fire with the trinket and the Legendary Ring is a blast.

Stacking it with everything (hello Iron Reaver) pots, stampede, hero, ring, trinket, rapid fire and players are shouting my name!

In Heroic raiding, my highest DPS is on the Tyrant. I looked at the end of a kill at Recount and was over 100k. That was a first for me; sustained.

When you are hot, you’re hot.

I wish I could be the one triggering the ring. Vamping while waiting for my melee to pull their nose out of their keyboard can be frustrating. I know, I know, it might be ten seconds but it feels like forever!

Oshir on the Iron Docks. I’ll be back with some bonus rolls, hoping for an upgrade.


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