Planning for Legion

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What’s a sundial in the shade?”
Benjamin Franklin

Planning for Legion

The lists of choices and the lists of questions are still in place.

While we knew that our Garrison follower gold missions would be nerfed, we didn’t know that they’d be replaced with resource missions.

What does it mean for my followers with Treasure Hunter traits? Most of my Alt Factory have around 18 followers with Treasure Hunter. If this was replaced by a new trait, Resource Hunter, we’d all be set.

My assumption is that the replacement won’t be Garrison Resources but ore, herbs, fish and fur. If I am wrong, there will be a log jam of maxed GR and weary trips to the Trading Post.

I’d be very happy since most of my Alt Factory will remain in their Garrisons. I can churn out some mining bags and herbing bags and tackle boxes (back to old school grind!).

Yesterday, I began thinking of making another Vial of Sands which meant farming and grinding in Cataclysm. I am often finding myself going back to old content to farm up ore and herbs for some crafting project. If I don’t have to return to grind in Dreanor, this would be a boon.

I’ll be riding the waves of Twitter, hoping that a bubble of information will pop up and not get lost in the tides of time.


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