Religious Inertia

My husband and I have never considered divorce… murder sometimes, but never divorce.
Joyce Brothers

Religious Inertia

Today’s Headline: March 28, 2016
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said today he will veto the controversial “religious liberty” bill – legislation that critics argued would have prompted legal discrimination against the LGBT community.

The bill known as HB757 would have allowed clergy refuse to perform marriage rites that violated their religious beliefs. It also would have allowed churches and religious groups to decline services to someone based on their faith.

When you face the pastor while getting married, you will witness the first lie in your marriage. That pastor will open a Bible to read the vows. That Bible is merely a stage-prop, the illusion is a charade and a façade.

The marriage vows were written in 1549! I own a King James Version of the Bible, those vows and rites are not in there. Don’t fall for the fake out. God has nothing to do with it.

The Pastor will end with “by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you: man and wife.” This power has no business in the hands of a Pastor, clearly. When you get a divorce, you don’t return to that Pastor and hold him accountable and punch him in the nose. No, you go see a judge and probably a lawyer.

The power should no longer be invested in a Pastor.

I can’t imagine following rules written 700 years ago and pretending that they apply to me.

The mechanics of a marriage have many advantages. Easier loans, tax breaks, shared insurance; just to name a few. Forcing a religious overlay on the agreement of two people is incredibly outdated and needs to change.

We question the laws of our own day. Why we do not question the avenue of marriage as “all roads lead to the Pastor” is archaic and mis-placed. I got married in City Hall — that bastard read the vows too: I was pissed.

We are the victims of Religious Inertia. It has happened for so long that we don’t question the vehicle. Take the power away from the Church.


2 thoughts on “Religious Inertia”

  1. There is one thing you have to keep in mind. Most humans are only capable of being decent people if they’re living in fear of a neglectful, spiteful, all-powerful, disapproving magic being living in the sky and ignoring their prayers. Until people can let go of that, and accept that they are who they are because of the choices they make and the circumstances they have no control over, then humanity is going to be completely intertwined with religion for the foreseeable future and beyond.


  2. Also, if you ever decide to renew your vows, or re-marry, check with your friends. You’d be surprised at how many people in this world are ordained to marry folks. My wedding sat happily in the middle of Buddhism (me) and Paganism (my wife) without being religious at all. We wrote our own vows too.


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