Resto Druid Mastery: Legion

“Be leery of silence. It doesn’t mean you won the argument. Often, people are just busy reloading their guns.”
Shannon L. Alder

Resto Druid Mastery

I am feeling a bit lame. I read the information in Legion on how Druid Healing will be as a play-style for me and I ask the wrong question. I make the mistake of asking “what does it do?” rather than “how does it work”?

Restokin, well I’ve been following her guides for several expansions, posted on her blog Legion Alpha Resto Druid Mastery. Brilliant!

The crux of the “new mastery”, if you will, is that we get stronger by stacking heals. The stumbling block is that the mastery gain is not on us, the healers.

Restokin puts forth the scenario of 20 man raids and the staggering volume of heals that we’d need to stack on so many players: simply to be merely competitive. All – of – the – time.

It feels bad to have to chase your HOTs with more spells (either direct heals or HOTs). The mastery increases the feeling like you have to cast 2 heals for every person you heal (when everyone else around you casts 1 and moves on). This impact on our healing style in 20-man raids isn’t all that fun and makes it hard to keep up with other healers who don’t have to ‘waste GCDs’

If you don’t have multiple HoTs a-cooking, then you are doing it wrong and you are a weak raid member — yikes and double yikes!

Restokin nailed it. The stacking Mastery buff needs to be on the healer.


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