Tome of Illusions: Legion Wardrobe

Better a dish of illusion and a hearty appetite for life, than a feast of reality and indigestion therewith.
Harry A. Overstreet

Tome of Illusions: Legion Wardrobe

Today’s Date is: March 31, 2016.

The new Alpha is up and thoroughly data-mined. Of interest are the Tomes of Illusion. There are four listed; Azeroth, Cataclysm, Dreanor and Secrets of the Shado-Pan.

For example:

Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan Illusions
3.5 sec cast 5
Tools: Runed Copper Rod
Reagents: Sha Crystal × 10, River’s Heart × 2, Primordial Ruby × 2, Sun’s Radiance × 2, Light Parchment × 3
Learn how to craft a Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan.
Vendor: Rushi the Fox
Zone: Townlong Steppes
Faction: Shado-Pan – Revered
Cost: 40
Tome of Illusions: Secrets of the Shado-Pan
Item Level 1
Use: Collect the weapon enchantment appearances of River’s Song and Dancing Steel. (1 sec cooldown)

I chose to show Secrets of the Shado-Pan as this is the only one that needs a reputation (revered with Shado-Pan).

It looks like Enchanters will be creating these illusions for our weapons in Legion. The mats look fair to collect and not obscene.

Wowdb’s list of Tomes
Wowhead’s Azeroth Tome
MMO Champs Legion Alpha – Build 21384

I don’t see the popular weapon enchant Power Torrent, which shifts colors on your staff. Very pretty.


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