Planning for Legion – First Aid

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Planning for Legion – First Aid

I was reading Misdirections article Hither and Thither, which is a great title for a blog post and, as always, excellent writing and I had a panic attack!

I know that they are updating and revamping professions. We have seen a little (very little) data-mined information but we have been told that the designers are going to put a lot more into professions.

What if (I panic) they make First Aid more fun? What if they make it so everyone wants to have it and use it for questing and raiding? Eek! Ack! Augh!

Early on in WotLK, it was expected that we’d have our own bandages. Mana Regen was slow, healers would eat and drink to fill their bars up again for the next pull.

In full panic mode, I started clicking on my stacks of Sea Scorpion. I leveled First Aid on my Hunter and Druid! I filled our guild vault with health potions!

First Aid could be a lot more than bandages. Cloth and Fish are fine with me for the crafting mats.

Why not a “healing hero” like Drums of Fury? Used once in a raid, all healing is boosted by 30% for 20 seconds.

Remember those fun Healing Statues that you made with Dense Stone as a Jewelcrafter? I loved those — bring them back in First Aid.

Disposable Lightwells, crafted in First Aid. Toss one at your feet for a aoe healing ten yards wide for ten seconds; why not? I’d love to see something like that in Legion.

If simple little me can brain-storm First Aid ideas, then surely the designers are cooking up some good ideas for the profession.

Don’t panic, level your First Aid today!


3 thoughts on “Planning for Legion – First Aid

  1. I LOVED those healing stones. I had it macroed into blood tap. I miss the flavor items of professions. The mounts still withstand the test of time, but it’s not the same as dropping some doo-dad in the middle of combat that makes an inconsequential difference. An inconsequential difference that takes you past that last % of boss health.


    • actually, at the time, that dk was a draenai too. So it was vampiric blood (bonus healing), gift and the naaru, and the healing stone. In End Time, I’d pool my runic power on Muruzond, pop that macro, then pop Lichborne and spam death coils on myself…then it’d be time to reset the hourglass. I told our guild’s priest healer to go shadow for that fight. DK’s were so OP at that point.


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