Final Boss Down

Nice guys finish first. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know where the finish line is.
Garry Shandling

Final Boss Down: Archimonde

Philosophically, I’m a bit like Freckleface. When we downed normal Archimonde, I relaxed. We killed the final boss of the expansion.

Of course, we moved on to heroics. Part of it was the Feat of Strength, no new title and a dubious moose mount. Part of it was wanting to continue with our group: we are having fun playing together.

We had done a few pulls some weeks ago but were back last night in earnest. It took us an hour-and-a-half to kill him. After many normal kills our group knew the ping-pong strategy; we had to learn the new stuff that comes with heroic.

At some point, I began to resent the mechanics. It is a long fight and a challenge to get through the phases. Reaching the final phase, it is, “okay hunters, do your stuff.” I am a hunter.

It felt like our success all fell on our three hunter’s broad but shaking shoulders. Hunters can “kite” mobs better than any class. This task is completely new and alien to any other fight in the game.

I began thinking of the flame throwers in High Maul, “okay hunters, do your stuff.” Was there any other class that was isolated like this? I am sure there was but I was feeling the heat!

I wanted to shout “not fair!” We were patient as our group learned phase one and made many mistakes. We were patient as our group learned phase two. We learned the “banish rotation” for our team. And then, and then, hunters had to learn at the cost of wiping the group after a ten minute encounter.

Still, we got him down. I was glad it was us hunters doing the dirty work. But, man, the pressure! The pressure I felt was all my own, there was no one dogging us.

And now what?

We don’t want to disband our raid team. Do we start cycling in alts to level; to what end? Do we go back and do achievement runs?

At this point of the expansion, I very much appreciate the wise pacing of my two Raid Leaders. So many raid groups finished two months ago and fell apart (I know because so many lonesome players joined us in pugs). My Raid Leaders are pacing us very well and I admire their wisdom and resolve.

Done and done: Heroic Archimonde is in the dust. I brought fireworks to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Final Boss Down

  1. You might want to consider HM Mythic runs. Start getting some of those out, while they are still relevant-ish and a bit of a challenge. That’s what our raid team is going to be doing.


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