More Little Bits in WoW

The lover perceives in the beloved what no one else can.
Abraham Maslow

More Little Bits in WoW

What if I could tell you that I can make your mythic dungeon (say, Auchindoun) run drop from a 20 minute run to 15 minutes? Would you be interested?

The key is in Efficiency.

In World War II, American manufacturers had a problem. They had to go from making stuff for a peace time to stuff for a war time. Factories, steel industry, manufacturing plants had to make different stuff.

But they couldn’t afford to gut their factory and reinstall all new machines. That would be the answer to the problem but they couldn’t afford it. So, the managers came up with an idea; what Little Things could be done to increase productivity?

This is where the idea of the Suggestion Box came from; mocked today but a success during World War II. Thousands of small ideas by the leaders and the workers made it a success.

After World War II, the Americans came to Japan and taught this idea which was called Kaizen or “continuous improvement”.

In WoW, we use many tools to make us better. Addons like GTFO, Weak Auras and Deadly Boss Mods are quickly embraced and used by the players.

Oddly, almost every player rejects the idea of marking mobs and a kill order.

I understand the frustration. I’ve seen a tank stop in a dungeon, mark each mob, wait patiently for the players to do crowd control. It feels like it takes forever!

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,8);

That bit of code can be dropped in your macro box (8 is skull), dragged to your action bar and key bound to … F1 (why not?).

Continuous marking of trash mobs as you roll through a mythic dungeon like Auchindoun will speed the run up … a lot.

Most tanks (certainly not all) tanks will respect a stun or trap and pull around the controlled mob — but it isn’t necessary in dungeon runs.

Me, as dps or healer, can set a fast and efficient run by marking the mobs.

Soulbinder, Cleric, Spirit-Tender; mark them from afar as you are moving towards them. Kill the mobs first that will slow you down. Fast and faster runs.

We have tools. We need to use them. Let’s increase our efficiency and get the task done!


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