Realm Hopping in WoW

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Realm Hopping

Story Time: I was flying over Tanaan Jungle this morning and saw in chat “insects deserve to die!”. Cool, Vengeance is up.
I flew over for 100 oil (sigh) and no one was around. I quick-posted in the Custom tool to help out my fellow players. Two people from the same PvP realm joined and pulled me to their realm. No Veng to be had.

Realm Hopping is fun. On our search for rare mobs and rare pets, we often want to jump realms to find that rare. It is a very powerful tool.

I don’t know why Blizzard would introduce such an amazing tool to the community and not tell us how it works.

With some qualifiers, this is mostly from memory, here is what I know:

  • If you invite a player from another realm, he will come to your realm if he is a lower level player.
  • The realm with the most players “hold” the place. I remember the rare boss on the Giant Isle in Mists of Pandaria — we’d phase back and forth through realms as the group was building.
  • When you offer your garrison (traders, Soulare, Erris etc) you seem to stay in your own realm. You can log out and lose the control of the party, even if you log back in.
  • The only way (that I can see) to know which realm you are in is watching the names in chat; Scattered-Whisperwind.
  • Realm Hopping in Timeless Isles can work, but you don’t see any loot off of kills.
  • If you invite another player to your realm, you can not see each other in a major city (Stormwind, for sure). You have to run out of the city to see each other.
  • Warbringers from the last expansion is still super popular. You can stand on the spawn point and watch players phase in and out over and over.
  • You can be faked out! I tried realm hopping to fish Elemental Fire(?) in Twilight Highlands. I had realm hopped to my own realm …
  • The “trick” when camping spawns is to eye a mob pathing. When you shift, that mob will be in a different place and you know you’ve arrived.

Things could be much better.

  • A mouse-over on our map could tell us which realm we are on.
  • A warning when entering a PvP realm would help a lot.
  • The one who invites should be the anchor in his own realm.

There must be a lot more variables than what I’ve seen from pure experience.

This is a tool that is being used in surprising ways. I appreciate the Achievement runs. I am amused at High School Zombie RP groups. Who knows what some clever player will do?

I almost joined, I believe it was, Moonguard’s realm a few years ago. They were doing a Gay Pride run from somewhere to (where else?) Booty Bay. I thought it would be fun. With the choice of Realm Hopping, how soon until there are limits for fear of lagging down an entire server?

I’d like to know more about the finer points, the uses and the limits of Realm Hopping. Perhaps we’ll figure it out someday.


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