Come Try the World of Warcraft!

“See your world through my eyes: A universe so vast as to be immeasurable – incomprehensible even to your greatest minds.”
Algalon the Observer

Come Try WoW!

About a month ago, my sister asked me about playing WoW. I didn’t recommend it.

I immediately thought about progression raiding and wouldn’t wish that on any new player, much less my beloved sister!

What was I thinking?

Of course she should try WoW.

The World of Warcraft is a great game. It has dragons and magic, Lich Kings and Deathwings, cooking and fishing, adventures, stories and exploration.

You can go out to tame a bunny. It’s adorable! The bunny will even hop along beside you to keep you company.

What a new player should know:

  • You can try it for free. You can do some limited play for no cost at all.
  • It is a keyboard and mouse game.
  • If you do decide to buy it (about 60 dollars, I think), there is a $15 dollar monthly subscription.
  • You can have 20 characters on a realm, 50 characters total. Try a male dwarf and then a female night elf if you want.
  • It is an old game. On it’s sixth expansion, there is a LOT to see and explore!
  • There are sites that can help you. Google the name of the quest, you will get a solution.
  • Play solo or make friends.
  • There are two factions, Alliance and Horde. Each has many races and classes.
  • There are realms (or servers) for regular play called player vs environment (PVE), Role Playing (RP) and player vs player (PVP) which means another player can simply run over and shoot you dead.

The World of Warcraft has been known for it’s steep learning curve. For example, when I first started I eventually had 20 dead characters at level eight. I didn’t know that when you died that you were supposed to run back and get your body and keep playing. I thought “dead is dead, bro” and started all over again.

I swam to Desolace.

I made many mistakes and you know what? It didn’t matter at all. I had fun. I think I could have explored more early on; I was afraid of getting lost, getting attacked by horde or dying in a higher level zone. All those things did happen, of course.

I started in Teldrassil and thought that was the whole game, that one zone. Boy was I surprised on my first flight path to the Dark Shore!

I’d agree with most people’s advice. Start as a female night elf and choose a hunter. Then try something completely different.

It’s called a MMO — massively multi-player online. Plenty of jerks, plenty of nice people. There is an environment of group play in guilds, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds and world bosses — be careful and find good people.

New players should:

  • Try pet battling.
  • Try fishing and gathering.
  • You have your own bank space in every major city.
  • Do not try crafting professions like engineering for a while.
  • Explore.
  • Quest and read the quest text, learn the story.
    • Try a feral druid and play as a big kitty cat.
    • Try a warlock and play with demons.
    • Try a Tauren and then a Gnome!
    • Try a rogue and sneak around in stealth-mode.

Definitely, give it a try. It’s fun.


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