Generosity in WoW

“i imagine that yes is the only living thing.”
― e.e. cummings

Generosity in WoW

I’ve been thinking about how I can be a positive influence in the WoW Community. Whether in game or over at Blizzard Watch or surfing blogs.

In general, I’m a pretty nice guy. Not always, but I try.

I was reminded of what some of my actor friends taught me about “yes and“. Not to be cryptic, let me explain!

When you improv with another actor, you agree with what he is saying or what he’s come up with and riff off it and see where it will go. So you “yes and”. You agree with what he is saying and then add to it.

I’ll be a bit silly here:
Actor One: I just got an ice cream cone!
Actor Two: Yes, and I see that it is chocolate.
Actor One: Yes, and it has a strange texture to it.
Actor Two: Yes, and it may not be chocolate ice cream.

Commenting in Blizzard Watch might not be quite so simple. However, as you can see from my stilly dialogue, it is extremely positive.

Actor One: I just got a girlfriend!
Actor Two: No, not you!
Actor One: (exits stage right)

In comments and in life, saying No is very powerful. It makes YOU feel powerful to say it. No can kill a decent comment thread.

Comment: I worry that the Legion Class Hall missions will become a hard-to-learn mini-game.
Yes-And Responder: Yes, and I worry about it being a huge time sink.
Typical No Responder: No — this game is too dumbed down already, I’m going to unsub.

Which would you rather see?

I am not a Role Player in WoW. However, I do like to read Anne Stickney. She writes on a wide range of topics. One such is on Role Playing. Check out her recent Role Play: Roleplaying on non-RP servers.

The “yes and” rule is pretty solid for improv actors: I would imagine it would be so with Role Playing characters as well.


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