HFC in Review by Bodhi Rana

“The Veil can not hide my might!”
Shadow-Lord Iskar

HFC in Review – by Bodhi Rana

I was delighted to read Bodhi Rana’s HFC in Review. This is the best of blogging and why, I think, we like reading blogs. Personal and subjective; it is a clear response in and of the player experience.

The layout is amazing, I’m staggered to think of the time spent in shaping the presentation (in WordPress!). Well done!

Once you’ve visited the page (and commented), I’d like to riff a little on Iskar and use Bodhi Rana’s statement as a jumping point.

I, too, think that any boss fight that needs an addon is a fail design.

And so ….

Burn: it needs an addon.
Double Burn: it has an extra-action button.
Triple Burn: the achievement is based on the extra-action button.

It feels (to me) that almost any time I see the extra-action button used that it is a bail-out for the designer who needs “one more thing” in his encounter design. I try to think of other fights what have had them (Protectors in SoO, Deathwing) and have never felt that they made it more fun.

I’d like to see someone drop the link into The Queue over at Blizzard Watch; I think people would enjoy riffing on his take of HFC.



One thought on “HFC in Review by Bodhi Rana”

  1. Oh yeah! I completely forgot about the achievement being tied to the Eye of Anzu. Yeah, I think Iskar is in need of a bit of burn creme.

    As for dropping the link in The Queue…ooofph! I don’t know if there’s enough alcohol in the world to prepare me for some of the commentary from some of the commentators (I’m sure you know which individuals I’m talking about).

    Still, I thank you for the compliments.


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