Creative Process in WoW: Quest Design

“Silence, maiden; thy tongue outruns thy discretion.”
Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott)

Creative Process in WoW: Quest Design

From MMO Champs (under blue tweets):
Weird/stupid question: What’s the bulk of quest design? What skills are needed?

it’s about 50% spawning (creature placement/actions/flavor), 40% mechanics (building spells and gameplay) and maybe 10% writing. (Dave Kosak)

I love this and find it interesting. I think that the more you understand the process of making work, the more you appreciate it’s consumption.

Imagine the 50/40/10 model being applied to The Day that Deathwing Came – the Real Story. I can easily see how half of the work was “creature placement, actions, flavor”.

Here is one of the three versions:

I think humor must count extra in those percentage points!

Quests are very different from environment, even when it is “go collect five bear ears”. I remember well playing in Darkshore during Burning Crusade. I played it a lot because I was lost all of the time. I finally dinged 20 and wandered to the next zone: Ashenvale. The spacing of the mobs (now deer and wolves) was the same!

Every zone that I went to, the mob spacing was the same. You could “safely” kill one mob without pulling three. And work your way across an area. This was based on level, of course. Eventually, the higher zones had more pathing for flavor.

But the quest areas are different and now we can see partially why; pretty cool.

I guess 50/40/10 is the model for success. I have to admit though, sometimes I think I’d gladly take 40/40/20!


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