Ownership in WoW

“You’re leaving fingerprints on my arm.”
Frances Stevens (To Catch a Thief)

Ownership in WoW

The news of the week is that Blizzard shut down a private server that was running Vanilla (or Classic or Legacy) content. This one was huge! Blizzard issued legal orders in the US and in France to shut it down.


Visit the link, it is fascinating. “They Talk About Us!” is a listing of all the websites talking about the shut-down. It was big.

A lot of people are unhappy. Some blame Blizzard but acknowledge that it was stolen property. Some use this as an example of Blizzard’s need to host, honor and serve up old content in it’s original form. Some are happy, they were thieves!

I was under the impression that on Private Servers that the host could act as a GM; meaning they could hand out gear, for example. And, I thought that if I felt restrained from bad behavior (being a jerk) in WoW that “anything goes” would be the mantra of a Private Server.

I wonder if they could have made it a Parody? Parody Law (fair use) is what keeps Saturday Night Live from being sued for every single scene they do. Perhaps instead of Illidian saying, “You are not prepared!” he could have said, “You have not pre-paid!”.

In any case, even though I bought the game, I don’t own the game. It is not mine to do with what I wish (except delete it!). You could not buy a movie, say Star Wars, and re-edit all of the scenes and release it as your own.

Personally, I’d not want to see Blizzard create Legacy Servers. For one, I’d not want to walk until level 40 ever again. For two, the World of Warcraft is a franchise made up of expansions and I want to see the franchise move forward.

I’m curious about the team. They list Testers and Developers, I wonder what they did?

For a bunch of thieves, they sure did wear the Nobel Visionary hat. Serving others, community, journey and all that.

Totally interesting.


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